REAL Worship

Real, Engaging, Authentic, Love-centered Worship.

Our Sunday morning worship has been cancelled due to lack of student interest.
Want us to start up again? Send an email to [email protected]!
This Fall we’re worshiping online due to the pandemic. Our worship will be online, but it won’t be “virtual!” Our worship will be real. We’ll engage each other, live, rather than watching someone else worship as though it was TV. We’ll be encouraged to be authentic, bringing our real selves rather than some “Sunday best” version. Our worship will focus on the love of God and how we can best follow the call to care for one another.
There are some advantages to worshiping online! We’ll be able to continue worshiping together during Advent, when individuals go home for the weekend, and if we all get sent home some time during the semester. It will be easier for students from Clinton College, York Tech, or who stay far off campus to join. We can invite friends who may not even live in Rock Hill. And, while it’s always fine to dress comfy at the Wesley building, worship from home means you can sleep in just a bit longer and still make it to church on time…

How do I attend worship?


Just visit this page, On Sunday mornings starting at 10:45 you’ll find a BIG FRIENDLY BUTTON that you can click to join our ZOOM meeting, Google MEET, or whatever it might be. Feel free to come in “early” to get your meeting set up the way you like and chat with others. Assuming Pastor Charlie has his act together*, we’ll start at 11:00 sharp. Arriving after 11:00? That’s no problem at all, click the link and we’ll let you in!

What’s the theme this semester?

In essentials, unity;
in non-essentials, liberty;
in all things, care.

various authors

John Wesley was one of many Christians seeking to focus on the “essentials,” those things they felt were necessary for salvation, as part of an attempt to bring greater unity to the Church. Sadly, no one seemed to be able to agree on just what those essentials were.

We’re taking a slightly different tack this semester: we’re going to study some concepts that all (or almost all) sizeable groups of Christians have believed across time and space. These essentials will be very broad – for example, we’re starting the first Sunday with the theme “God is good,” an idea that is basic to many (not all!) religions. It’s hard to find a Christian who disagrees with the statement “God is good,” but it turns out that we don’t all mean the same thing by that phrase!

Each Sunday we’ll look at a different “essential concept” and consider different ways it has been understood. As we do, we’ll find specific ideas and actions we can put into practice each week – and we’ll each be encouraged to develop our own understanding of what Christianity is all about.

*Pastor Charlie definitely does not always have his act together. When this happens, we keep going anyway.