Students Share their Experiences


“Winthrop Wesley turned into my church away from home. I am able to be myself, make friends, and even more importantly further my walk with Christ…Being in college is hard with all that we are introduced to and faced with, so being able to start my week [with] college students wanting to do the same thing makes it easier to get through those challenges. I honestly don’t know what I would do without Wesley… I am very thankful for being introduced to this campus ministry and for all that they do for me.”


“The exciting thing about starting college is meeting new people and getting plugged into a campus ministry. I have found great happiness and love from Winthrop Wesley! I love that Wesley has the weekly fellowship time where we can bond as brothers and sisters in Christ, but mostly to worship The Lord. Wesley has transformed me spiritually and opened my eyes to Christ in different ways. God has allowed me to meet amazing people, most of them I will call my family now and remember them always.”


“Wesley is important to me because it provides me a place to relax, hang out, and worship for a little while without the stress of a job or school. This gives me a much needed break before the week begins, which helps keep me sane… Wesley brings people from all sorts of backgrounds and faith traditions together to express different views and opinions. It is interesting to see what every person has to bring to the table in terms of their faith traditions and experience. All in all, Wesley is a fun place to relax and build in my faith.”